We bring calm to an exhausted world.


Digital Essentialists are a small group of people around us. They’re profitable, happy business owners who can have conversations without constant glances at their phone.

The DE, for short, are eagerly engaged with an against the grain belief system that less technology/digital is better. They prioritize freedom and calm in their life. Many people say, busy is good. We say, Busy is not good.

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Our Promise

The Digital Essentialist is for people who believe in calm, controlled living. We focus on people who want their business to thrive on digital and their digital lives to be under control. We promise that engaging with what we create will give you a blueprint & guide to liberate you from the chaos of small business digital to find focus in your day-to-day and freedom in your weekly schedule. One simple email each week to bring calm and control to your digital world. 

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We’re this, not that

The DE are not growth hackers, omnichannel marketing kings, or looking to build a million dollar business in three months.