Newsletter #42 • The Freelancer Guide

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Newsletter #42 - The Freelancer Guide

  1. Advantages of Being A Freelancer


Article (5 MIN)

Being a freelancer doesn’t have to be such a bad lifestyle. It get’s a bad rap. Remember in Kindergarten you get to take naps at 2pm everyday? Now, you get to do that professionally. Here are a few reminders of why being a freelancer rocks!


2. How to Price Your Freelance Design Services


Article (10 MIN)

Ever heard about doubling your rate and thought, that’s impossible. Maybe it’s time to try it out. And right now is a great time to try.


3. Build Strong Habits


Podcast/Article (45MIN)

Managing your life without a set structure can through a lot of curve balls. In this episode, here Brian Clark rap with James Clear, author of Atomic Habits about what works and doesn’t.

4. Accounting Fun !


Video (10 Minutes)

In this video we walk through a backend view of Bench Accounting. I’ve used the software for 2 years now and love it. :) If you use this link , you get an extra savings once you signup.



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