Digital Essentialist Library 


The Basics

The D.E.
Why we launched the Digital Essentialist. Who we are.

The Tension
The tension is the reason Digital Essentialist thrive, they do the exact opposite.

Squarespace Authorized Trainer
Everything 90% of small businesses need is on Squarespace and if it’s not there, most likely you don’t need it.

House Rules
Find your way home here with a few house rules.

Beginner Tools
Find your way home here with a few house rules.


Squarespace Masterclass
Save 40 hours building your first Squarespace website with the step-by-step-by-step course.

Squarespace SEO Course
Topic of discussion and queens university of help and support of what we need to make it work.

COMING SOON: Content Creation Course
Struggling to write your content for your website? Writing more than you need? Writing your history when you started last week? We can help. Coming March 2019

COMING SOON: Design Outline Course
What design elements do you need for your website? A few key elements we outline in detail for you.